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C-Mods closed its doors June 1st after over 20 years of service to Cessna Owners


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C-Mods, Inc

52 Hunters Lane    Timberlake, NC  27583-8781 • 919-471-9492

"Originators  of the World Famous Belly Drains for Cessna Aircraft"










Since 1981, the N.T.S.B. has reported over 396 engine failures or malfunctions due to water in the fuel. These accidents resulted in 72 fatalities and 220 serious injuries. Our FAA-Approved Belly Drain could save your life!


The fuel drain on most Cessna fuel systems is located on the firewall, which is NOT THE LOWEST point in the fuel system! This means that any water or contaminates cannot be completely removed by draining the fuel drain! Are you flying around in a potential accident?


The C-Mods belly drain kit solves this problem. For only $45.00pp for the standard kit or $50.00pp for the extended kit you can get one of our world-famous FAA-approved STC-PMA belly drain kits for your airplane. Don’t become a statistic…install a C-Mods belly drain and fly with confidence! Drains available for 170b’s, 172’s, 175’s, 177’s, 180’s, and 182’s.  Guaranteed or your money refunded - (Less a $5.00) restocking charge








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I have one on my 172 69K and it works fine







Don't Become a Statistic Install a Belly Drain!


Just a few that had problems





What is the difference between the Standard and the Extended Valve Kit. As you can see from the above photo

the extended valve is one inch longer than the standard valve. The Extended Valve kit makes fuel draining a little

easier as it will extend slightly past the bottom skin of the aircraft. You can also drill a hole in the cover plate to

allow the Extended Valve to be drained with the cover in place. The Standard Valve Kit requires the removal of the

cover plate to access the drain valve, some owners just do not reinstall the cover plate making the draining easier.




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